Do I need to be at home to receive a delivery?
We recommend you are at home, as it’s the most reliable way to receive your order. All our delivery times have been created for this reason. We appreciate things pop up in life, and for some reason or another you might not be able to be home. When that eventuates you can organise to have your order left in a safe place, but please notify us of delivery instructions prior to drop off. At this point it becomes your responsibility. If you haven’t left us with delivery instructions, we will contact you on the phone number(s) you’ve supplied us with. If we can’t contact you, your order may be returned to our store and re-delivery charges and the cost of any perishables items (e.g. fresh fruits and vegetables) will apply. 
For your first order and those containing alcohol and/or tobacco, you must be home and may require proof that you’re over 18 to legally accept the order.