How do I amend an order after check out?

If you would like to amend an order that has already been placed, you can make your amendments up until 6PM the night prior for AM deliveries and 11PM for PM deliveries. Simply log in, select 'Show orders' at the bottom of your trolley, and click the drop down arrow next to the order number that you want to modify. By selecting 'Change Order', you will then be able to modify your order to suit your needs.

There are a few things to keep in mind when amending an order. Your original order and reserved delivery window will be cancelled and the items will be placed into your trolley for amending and resubmitting through checkout. All specials and prices will update to the current website prices at the time you submit your amended order, and any specials from previous week offers will be lost. Your original payment will be saved and extra items added will be charged at checkout. For further important information about amending an order, please be sure to read the important information message that appears after selecting 'Change Order'.